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White Composite Filling
White fillings are filled composite resins that are aesthetically pleasing in every area of the mouth. Children's composite resins can be easily and effectively used to restore your child's teeth. Dr. Bui will make certain that your child is completely comfortable during the entire treatment procedure.
Root Canals
A cavity that involves the nerve (pulp) of the tooth may cause a child to experience intense pain. Although the pain may actually subside for a period of time using ibuprofen or antibiotics, it will return unless the tooth is properly treated. When the nerve of the tooth is infected, it must be treated to restore the child to good dental health.

A pediatric root canal procedure is referred to as a "pulpotomy". The purpose of root canal treatment is to maintain the vitality of the affected tooth so that the tooth will not be lost early. Early loss of posterior (back) primary teeth may cause future problems with the eruption of permanent teeth. Therefore, it is best to avoid early loss of primary molars by properly treating the nerve of infected teeth with a "pulpotomy". Dental caries (cavities) and traumatic injury are the main reasons for a tooth to require pulp therapy. The "pulpotomy" root canal procedure removes the infected pulp tissue within the crown of the tooth. A medication is placed to calm the nerve of the tooth and prevent bacterial growth. The pulpotomy is followed with a final restoration such as a composite crown or stainless steel crown.

After the "pulpotomy" (root canal procedure) is complete, your child should feel much better. We expect all pain to subside and for your child to enjoy all of their regular activities.
Dental Crowns
Dental crowns are used to treat primary teeth that are structurally compromised because of extensive decay. Stainless steel dental crowns are used to treat back teeth, because they are stronger than white crowns and able to withstand the biting force of the back molars. Dental crowns used to treat front teeth are white and aesthetically pleasing. Dental crowns are attached to the tooth and fall out naturally when the primary tooth is lost.
Dental extractions often bring anxious thoughts for both children and parents. However, with the use of anesthesia and management techniques the extraction procedure will be a comfortable experience. Your child will feel pressure during the tooth extraction, but he should not feel any pain. The entire dental extraction procedure will be explained to your child in "kid friendly" terms. We expect your child to be pleasantly surprised with the ease of the entire experience.
ABChildren's Dentistry (972) 910-0003